About us

Bootstrapped by professionals in late 2010, today the organization is a 150+ member team offering data-driven programs, digital solutions, analytics and services to Agri & Rural industry. The core motive of the organization is to enable digital solutions for BOP segment which can enhance their prospect towards a better-informed decision-making process.

Consulting | Technology | Execution

Providing end to end solutions for complete success of the programs intended to bring disruption in the way to communicate, engage and impact the lives of the rural community.

We love converting challenges into simplified digital solutions which can be used by masses.



a) Mobility solutions for IOS and Android platform.

b) Complex process identification & re-definition and enabling them over digital technologies in simplified form (Web-based processes).

c) Application and Processes are integrated to clients ERP / SAP system if needed.


Functional consultants in the domain of Agriculture and Rural market for designing robust processes, effective demand generation programs and inside sales

Agri knowledge call centre team delivers accurate and precise information to the farming community


Expert data analysts capable of handling millions of records to find out customer insights and market information which help in informed decision making for top & middle-level management and enables executioners to take shortest and effective path for execution.

Demand Generation Outsourcing

Digitally enabled development officers and field advisors for demand generation program to maximize the product awareness, experience and usage in the rural ecosystem for agriculture input and output products.